Discord Channel

We have a discord!

what’s a discord?

Discord is a chat app. It’s pretty slick. All the cool kids are using it these days (or so I’ve been told….)

It lets you talk and share more easily than game chat allows. The only drawback is not everyone is there, and we hate anyone ever feeling left out 🙁

But that part can be fixed! You can join us there! It’s so much fun, promise! New things are fun and exciting, give it a go!

what’s so cool about it?

Well, you can chat more easily. You can react with emojis/use emojis, which help add tone to conversation. You can paste snips (screenshots with snipping tool). Right into chat. Makes sharing and explaining super easy.

It’s easier to keep up with things even with lots of people and lots of chatter. With different rooms, you can keep things to rooms of their topic. Stuff doesn’t get lost or jumbled so much.

You can ‘pin’ things! Did someone share or say something particularly useful that you might want to find easily later? Pin it!

There’s more too, we’re just barely figuring out how to use this thing properly, come check it out!

what are you waiting for!

Come on over! Click this link: https://discord.gg/xbFUea It will bring you to the Emerald Elite server. Only Emerald Elites will be there.

If you haven’t used discord before, you’ll be prompted to download the desktop app or use the browser version and create an account. Just a quick lil setup, nothin’ too tough. Discord is also available on mobile.